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The big eyed extraterrestrials is about intelligences from Zeta Reticuli. These intelligences are right now incarnating to the earthly system after having completed their hybrid program.

Ragni Källmark is here telling about the encounter with them and what she experienced.

221 pages, paperback

Author: Ragni Källmark

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The encounter with the big-eyed



 It was a beautiful summer evening the 17th of June 1996 and it was approaching 7:30pm. I unlocked the door and left my ceramic workshop in Gränby, a district in Uppsala, went through the courtyard and reached the cycle way. The sky was bright blue and the sun was still warming.

    I glanced up into the sky and saw an object which I thought was an airplane, but there was something strange with this plane, so I had to stop and look closer.

I wondered what it could be, because it was hanging quite still in the sky. It wasn’t a helicopter, not an air balloon, not a glider flight, nothing fit. The airplane was quite silent, not a sound and there was no engine droning. There were no wings, but possibly tail wings and a strong sun reflection was shining from the metallic side. It was a very different airplane.I had never seen anything similar hanging so quietly in the air and I was almost expecting it to fall down to the ground. It was just as strange, as if the moon suddenly would race in full speed in the sky.

    I stood for quite a while considering what I had seen. Then I decided to go home. I started to walk and thought I should look back at the airplane at Kvarngärdesskolan, (a school) where there was an open place and no trees. But when I entered into the tunnel below the highway E4, which at that time went through Uppsala, I forgot about the episode and didn´t remember the airplane until I arrived home. Then I rang a friend and told her what I had seen, and I felt animated and happy.

I had the idea that I had to tell Erik too the next day. He was anticipated to make a delivery to my workshop and the thought of telling him what I had seen was within me all the time. I was pondering of if I really should tell him, and if it was very wise to do that as we knew each other just a little. What would he think of me?

    The following day Erik arrived at my workshop with the delivery. I hesitated and hesitated and didn´t want to tell about the airplane. It was like an inner fight with myself. But I felt like I was going to explode if I didn´t say anything, though I absolutely didn´t want to. Then I don´t know what happened because suddenly I asked Erik something that surprised me.

    “Have you seen an UFO?”

    “Yes!” he replied, “over Högsbo outside Tärnsjö some years ago. It must have been an UFO.”He told me that it was a winter evening and he saw through the window of the sitting room a strong light in the sky which came from the left and disappeared in a curve to the right.


Shortly after this conversation I was sitting working at my writing desk in my room. It was evening and beautiful summer weather. I could see the bright blue sky from the window.

Suddenly I hurried to put on my glasses and watch the clock, which was half past seven. The clock was a bit away and I am nearsighted so I can´t see very well at a long distance. I then looked up to the sky and saw the strange airplane again. It was flying over our house northwards. It was the same sort of airplane that I had seen earlier and it was quite noiseless. I became a bit frightened, but it was also exciting, tremendously exciting.

    The plane didn´t fly so high, I could see it rather clearly. It looked like an airplane, though a little rounder. The middle part was rounder and it had tail wings, but no wings and no windows. It inspired a mighty and majestic feeling as it side-slipped along quite silent.

    Another evening somewhat later when I was washing up in the kitchen I suddenly got the idea to use the Mind Activator. It is a little device with a pair of earmuffs and glasses with little lamps. The sound that comes from the device is monotonous and the lamps flicker rapidly; making one relax more easily. I told Fredrik, my son, not to disturb me and hurried into the bedroom. It was nearly half past seven. I chose program 16, Harmony, at the Mind Activator and I relaxed more and more.

    After a while I saw a little being standing to the right some meters away. The background was pale yellow. I didn´t see the bedroom, just the yellowish light and the being. I saw clearly that it had big dark eyes and a big head. The body was indistinct.

    At first I didn´t want to see the different little being with the big eyes, but it returned. It was the eyes that were seen most. They were huge. He or she was standing about five meters away and we looked at each other for a while. I wasn´t afraid, I was more amazed.